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Price:  US$65.71 
wholesale pearl : 100pcs vacuum-packed oysters with 7-8mm rice pearls

Product Description:
Product ID: lwpn004
Pearl size: 7-8mm
Pearl Color: white pink purple black
Pearl Shape: rice shape
Weight: 3000g

Remark: We packed single freshwater pearl oysters by vacuum-packed without liquid in one carton, it can save much shipping cost from the new packing, A real 7-8mm rice pearl is planted in every oysters, The size of the pearls are 7-8mm, There are white, pink and purple  colors mixed in every bag.

The pearls color is revealed - white, pink, purple and black- each color with a different meaning of what it will bring to you - health, success, wealth, or love.

The packing can be flexible, Now, we packaged one oyster in each vacuum bag but we can also put two or more(25pcs at most)oysters in one vacuum bag. One sample carton includes 100pcs outside package. The gross weigth is 3KG! You can also choose some other kinds of rice pearls as you want.

Open the pearl mussel , then reveal special color pearl--> remove the pearl from the mussels--> Hang the cage with pendant/earrings mountings-->carry your wish and love with you beautiful pearl pendants, earrings or rings.